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    Have you got some old books that you are thinking of


Check out these things first :


Your book could be worth hundreds or even thousands !

Want to know how ???


You will find people selling old books at bootfairs, craft markets, secondhand shops, jumble sales, charity shops and a whole host of other places.

Many of these rare out of print books are public domain material, such as history books, old bibles, medical books, exercise books and many other
 out of print books and magazines.

The only thing you will require is a book taken from the public domain in the same antiquarian era of the video above and you will be generating yourself an amazing income in no time at all, with the step by step information you will be shown in Old Books Make Money.

You can find thousands of these rare and used books everywhere you go.
So if you want to get yourself an amazing online income forget about
"Printing a Book, Old School" and let Old Books Make Money
show you the modern way!


     Is It Time You Too Made Money Online?

Dear 'Frustrated & Still Looking'

I know - that's a strange way to address anyone, but I'm assuming it may well describe you - as it described me for a long time.
So before we go any further lets establish if we are at least similar...

Have you tried various methods of making money online - only to be left wondering how people manage to do it?
(that was me for ages!)

Then did you notice like I did, that so many people who supposedly teach us how to make money seem to have their own products?
(I've noticed that even those who claim you don't need products to make money - all have their own products! - did you spot that too?)

Last question:
If you've bought any of the countless Private Label Rights (PLR) products to use as your own, did they fail to move you any further forward?

I ask because I've wasted so much on products like these, only to find that they
needed one of two things:

poor quality plr
Either throwing in the circular filing receptacle due to the absolute poor quality of these works. I'm sure you know the ones I mean, written by a non-English speaker who has done his or her best to slap something together as quickly as possible, only to find it bundled into the latest
'must have' package that is sold to the masses!

Or, you find one that may well be something you could work with, add a little more detail to, then take on board all the advice about changing it sufficiently to call it your own etc.
Only to discover that 57 other marketers have beaten you to it, and by the time you get it online - no one buys from you?

If these things ring true for you, let me assure you I've been there too!
But I think we both know we're not alone.

Can I also add that there is another way.

"There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel,
but for once
It's Not An Oncoming Train!"


Did you know that YOU CAN TAKE Dusty Old Books From THE PUBLIC DOMAIN and make them YOUR VERY OWN?

Fact One Person changed the name of some 'Grimm Fairy Tales' and brought the characters up to date. Then made a fortune selling them to a whole new generation. - His name was Walt Disney!

Walt Disney is a legend, a folk hero of the 20th century. His worldwide popularity is based upon the ideas his name represents: imagination, optimism, and self-made success in the American tradition. Walt Disney did more to touch the hearts, minds, and emotions of millions of Americans than any other man in the past century. Through his work he brought joy, happiness, and a universal means of communication to the people of every nation.

Walt Disney was a pioneer, innovator and the possessor of one of the most fertile imaginations the world has ever known. Raised on a farm near Marceline, Missouri, Walt became interested in drawing at an early age, selling his first sketches to neighbours when he was only seven years old. At McKinley High School in Chicago, Disney divided his attention between drawing and photography, contributing both to the school paper.

During the autumn of 1918, Disney attempted to enlist for military service but was rejected because he was only 16 years of age, so he joined the Red Cross as an Ambulance Driver. Walt returned to Kansas City in 1920 and he began his career as an advertising cartoonist  where he created and marketed his first original animated cartoons.

Some of the Fairy Tales that Walt brought to life were
 Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc.

Walt simply took other works that he found in dusty old story books and LEGALLY made them his own.

 You could do the same !

FactTurner of Turner Classic Movies made films of old books from the public domain and made his fortune selling
advertising on his TV stations !

Fact A lady called Rebecca Fine took a 1910 book called the 'science of getting rich' and added her own commentary to it. - She now travels the world while making an ongoing
              income from her website !

FactA guy named Matt Furey took a home study course from 1914 teaching "catch wrestling", and turned it into a complete manual and video set for wrestling buffs !

He makes himself a
6 figure income

each year from it !

FactThe phenomenon that was 'The Secret' and was eventually featured on shows such as Oprah and Larry King - started with an old book that Rhonda Byrne has made into an
              Audio, Video and Print book !

              Plus many more...


So what has this all to do with 'Old Books' I hear you asking?


Well my friend, they have made many people their online fortunes, a few of which I have given in the examples above and I'm going to show you how they can be your salvation too.

In our modern society as you know, there is no longer a need for producing books, as in the above old film clip, about writing, producing and publishing books for sale to the general public.

Anyone at all...

And that means YOU and ME can get a book (or ebook) written and produced ready for instant publication within a few short days or even hours.

It's really so simple with our modern computers.     

We can take rare old books and simply re-use them.

Better still you do not have to physically write anything to create your own books that will make you money for as long as you like.

Unlike the video you have just watched, there is no physical effort or machinery involved. An hour or two of your own time is all you need, in order to create your own product and have it making money for you the very next day.

It will go on making you a great income without any further input on your part
for the rest of your life !


 Here's how I discovered the secret to 'Old Books Make Money':

Take a moment and picture me researching ways to make extra cash online. Here I was a successful business man with a great deal of management experience. Having owned and run my own businesses since 1985, I recently sold one and passed control of another to my son, so I could focus on my passions.

old books
I like to go road running and cycling, but when I'm resting
I simply love browsing old books
. They have some great illustrations and pictures and they make an excellent read - considering most were written in days gone by when the quality of the writing was extremely high!

So when I thought about it seriously one day,
 I found that the one hobby I really enjoy very quickly made me realise that
the photos, pictures, illustrations and textual information contained in
 Old Books could be used to my advantage and wealth achievement.

Listen up here's where you'll discover my bigger revelation!

What I discovered was that a few people had realised old books are great quality, well written, and contain a hoard of dateless information that is still very very relevant in today's world!

These people were taking vintage books and profiting wildly from selling them!
Further research revealed that what they were doing was totally within the law and
... you can do exactly the same !
(Providing you know some basic rules and procedures!)

I went on a mission to gather everything You & I need to know, and all the resources that would be useful to us both, in order to join the ranks of those who are profiting daily from Old Books.

With no stone left unturned... What followed was a complete step by step blueprint showing anyone "How To Make Money From Old Books"

(I guess you can see where the name of this product came from !

"Old Books Make Money!"


yes A system so simple that you need no prior knowledge of public domain.

yes You could start making money from old books straight after reading the guide!
yes Even complex things like copyright law are broken down into simple English. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding from just a few easy to read paragraphs.
yes Even if you're an absolute newbie to the internet, the guide is written so that you can follow along and start making money straight away.
yes If you've been searching for a true 'Blueprint' for online success - you've finally found a tried and tested one in "Old Books Make Money"

Within the pages of this downloadable and printable information you'll be shown how to take any interesting old book that is in the public domain and republish it.
You'll discover how doing so can generate you an ongoing income for years to come.

You'll be amazed by how many niches can be served in virtually any market, and how eagerly your offerings will be snapped up.

The time and effort you'll save from not having to write the contents yourself in such a massive variety of niches will put you years ahead of many online marketers.

Just knowing what to look for and how to identify exactly what, where and how to put these old books to use, will make the whole product creation process an enjoyable 'piece of cake' for you.

No longer will you trudge along spending months researching and creating products. This will now become a 'walk in the park'. Something you'll be able to do on a whim, leaving you more time doing what you'd much rather do!

Listen up - there's a reason that very few people are sharing this information with you. It's simply just too good a thing and they want to keep the pie all for themselves! Why bother telling others when it's far easier to just get on and do it to make a great living?

"Well I'm sorry for all the selfish one's out there... but now I'm spilling the beans"

At risk of upsetting the Selfish Few let me tell you: You would be amazed at just how much you can do with 'Old Books' to make money.


"Old Books Make Money Is Your Easy Way To Produce Regular Bank Bulging Profits! " 

By now you can probably see how extremely profitable old books in the public domain can be.
Can you already picture yourself following the simple steps detailed in this easy guide to creating your own products with this information?

Stop and Think about how much easier it will be for you, when you're shown how to find the right kind of old books to profit from. You'll be told how to alter them to make them your very own lucrative cash producing product.

You'll easily be able to pick out the best points and rearrange their order to make your product more appealing to buyers.

Once you've discovered how to quickly, and with great ease, re-publish your new work for maximum profit, you'll enjoy the extra time and total freedom that a regular extra income can provide.

Imagine for a moment, even if your success is 10 times less than that of just the smaller examples shown above.... You would only need find 10 old books to live a comfortable lifestyle and the freedoms that come from a regular, hands free income entering your bank account every month!

Indeed if you have only one tenth of one percent of the success that
Walt Disney had then you would still be a very rich person indeed.
How does that sound to you?

Can you already picture what such a lifestyle would be like for you?
Are you ready to take action and make it happen?

Let me warn you right up front...
You will need to put in some effort. You will be required to follow the guide and find some old books. Surely you know where to get your hands on a few, but don't worry as all will be given to you in exact detail.

But once you have "Old Books Make Money" in your hands, it won't be long before you can live those dreams.

Written With YOU In Mind! 

Old Books Make Money is written with you in mind. Having seen some of the few other works on profiting from the public domain, it was soon clear that they chose to dwell on the complexities of copyright law and didn't actually show you how to go about obtaining and using the right kind of Old Book, let alone explaining in every detail what you need to do in order to achieve fantastic results from your project.

The difference here is that each and every thing you need to do is there for you to see right from the first page to the final words in simple layman's terms.


You'll Discover:


You'll Discover
How to research the popular niches to make you the most profit

You'll Discover
Secret places to source profitable old books in those niches

You'll Discover
How to check that those old books can be claimed as your own

You'll Discover
How to rework the old book into your modern best seller

You'll Discover
Ways to make your title and text pack more punch

You'll Discover
The best layout and additions to bring you maximum profit

You'll Discover
How and where you'll get good traffic & sales of your re-worked old book

You'll Discover
Where to find free tools & resources to make your tasks simple


You can read and learn as you progress throughout the logically laid out chapters.
The very moment your first reprinted book is completed you can be earning a great income from some of the many areas covered by old books.

Allow me to give you some examples...

Areas like: 


dot  Old Books on magic, mind reading, thought transference, spirituality...

dot  Old Books on selling, marketing, advertising, copywriting, salesmanship...

dot  Old Books on trading stocks and commodities...

dot  Old Books on collecting: figurines, wedgewood, pottery, and numerous others.

dot  Old Books on Hobbies and Leisure activities...

dot  Old Books on hand writing analysis, palmistry and the occult...

dot  Old Books on herb remedies and natural healing...

dot  Old Books on goal setting, positive mental attitude, the law of attraction...

dot  Old Children's books and stories (especially those with colour illustrations)...

dot  Old Posters (or images that can be turned into posters)...

dot  Old Prints of Artists works...

dot  Old Radio shows, music and movies... and so much more!

dot  Old Books on Christmas and other holidays...

dot  Old Cook books and recipes...

dot  Old Sports books on all varieties of sports and games...

dot  Old Books on pets and pet keeping, breeding, training...

                        ..... In fact just about any old book you can find!




Now That You've See The Possibilities - Is It Time You Took Action And Claimed Your Share Of This Lucrative Pie?

You can make much more money than you ever dreamed of, and allow yourself the time to enjoy life the way you really deserve.

Quite soon you will be in a position to let others earn an affiliate commission from your very own information product, effectively giving you even more time and money to get on with more projects or maybe just taking more vacations on a beach somewhere of your choice.


Does the thought of your own wildly profitable business sound like sweet music to your ears?

It certainly can be... ... and all for just tinkling a few keys on your computer keyboard.
The start up cost is virtually nothing
and as you are a computer owner, doesn't it make sense to put it to use for your financial gain, allowing you the time and pleasure of doing what you want for the rest of your life ?

In no time at all you will be singing the praises of
"Old Books Make Money"



Here's what a few others are saying:


I never knew what I was missing out on until Dave showed me "Old Books Make Money".

Now that I have got a copy I have completely changed the way I go about searching for and selling my books, and I am making money for the first time, .... (well decent money that is, not just a few pounds here and there)

Best money I have ever spent,
Thank you.

Michael Tough


Hi Dave,

What a brilliant way you've shown me to increase my income beyond all recognition!

When I think of the Old Books that I have discarded over the years at boot fairs and junk shops, I could have been rich beyond all my dreams.

All that is changing back round now. I am buying up old books in niche markets and starting to follow your easy step by step plan for a lifetime cash income. Great Stuff. Keep it up.

Best Wishes.

Dave Howden.


Having just read "Old Books Make Money" I have to say I never realised before what you can do, when you take your pick from thousands of different old books to achieve such a simple income.

Your book is laid out in such a way that it is easy to follow and can be put into immediate action, thus producing an income that will carry on for years with just a little bit of input.

Fantastic work Dave, thanks a thousand times over.





Thanks for your product. I made the mistake of trying to save
20 bucks and purchased a different author's ebook on the same
subject...I got slimed---with tons and tons of "reports," and info to
collate/ decipher myself (a pet peeve of mine).

I should have gone with my initial instinct. Which was to spend
the 40 on your product.

Thank you for your concise writing!!!

Jeff Sekerak

Hello Dave,

I wanted to send you the new website of our son. We promised to let you know once it was up and running.

You might remember our son, Ben, got your e-book as part of his business/entrepreneurial study.  He has worked very hard and is planning on adding more books this week.

Thank you again for your kindness and encouragement to our son in the past. Your e-book was quite a motivator.

Mrs. Leslie Wagner


Fully Guaranteed For Your Peace Of Mind 


100% No Questions Asked... 56 Day Money Back Guarantee!



Take this program for a test drive. You have 56 days to make sure this program is everything I say it is!

This means you have absolutely,

Take it for a test drive.  Make sure it is what I say it is - or your money back, no quibble.  




Decision Time 
You can always find an excuse not to do
something which you should be enjoying.


I'm sure by now, having possibly tried and failed to generate an income online before, and having seen the scope of possibilities with 'Old Books',

you've probably already given thought to which areas of the vast range of topics that you could be profiting from very soon. You may be wondering just how much you'll need to invest in yourself to to start profiting immediately?

Well the good news is that the time investment is completely your own choice. Whether you have an hour a here and there, or can invest a few hours or more per day is up to you.

This guide has everything explained in plain simple English. You are lead step by step through the book in a logical order, leading to a fantastic way to make a better life for yourself. From the moment you read "Old Books Make Money" and put your first product online or into print, you are just steps away from having your first automatic income stream.

Just start reading the guide,following the simple steps in "Old Books Make Money" one by one.

As for any financial risk - you've seen that you are fully covered by the 56 day guarantee...

So that just leaves the decision to invest in the Special Offer Price and start your 56 day trial to see if it is something you are really passionate about. 



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Here's a  quick summary of why you'll want to get your own copy today: 

 Old Books Make Money

Yes  A step by step blueprint to profit from old books

Yes  Simply laid out chapters making it easy to follow along

Yes  Tried & tested resources to maximise your profits

Yes  Low or even No Cost ways to get started

Yes  A proven & highly profitable opportunity

Yes  S
imple to operate and easy set up
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I sincerely look forward to hearing your success stories. I've got to say, I'm loving spending more time on my passions (I included a couple of photos at the end of the ebook, showing where I am having the time of my life enjoying just one of my passions - why not picture yourself with that free time now - and imagine what photos you would be showing people) 


To Your Best Seller

Dave Robus

P.S. Isn't it time you stopped struggling to sell tired PLR and resell rights products that just don't cut it, and have your own product without any of the strain of writing it?

P.P.S. Don't forget the whole blueprint is laid out in a simple and easy step by step, chapter by chapter guide to guarantee your success.

P.P.P.S. With my 100% Money Back Guarantee - You can use
'Old Books Make Money' for a full 56 days and there is absolutely
NO RISK to you whatsoever !



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Free 7 Day Course!

Discover 7 Ways to Profit from Old Books.

Simply Enter Your Details Below and Over The Next 7 Days You Will Discover 7 Different Easy Ways to Make Fantastic Profits from Old Books.